Java GUI Framework Introduction

       Java GUI Framework is a simple framework based on Swing and SWT. It seeks to simplify the development procedures of Java GUI and take encapsulation to processing of complex events arisen in the course from input interface to background information transmission. The framework directly collects data for the object model from input interface, seamlessly linking up ORM technology. Calibration data directly bound to the data model of Domain, which separate business logic from interface and supply transplantable expansion support to the technology alteration of interface in the future.

A. Encapsulation of Complex Events

Keyboard and focus events have been sealed in IEventTask interface of the framework. In the processing of development, we need only to annotate by Annotation but not the hard-code of addListener. As a result, the Incident handling procedures can be re-used.

B. Request Data Intelligently

Before,the background processing of form data need amount of code of get and set ,and because form offer String Style, abnormal conversion of data types may be occur attributed to inaccurate code by the coder. Now if carry out the framework, the staffs need no to interfere with the processing and the framework will automatically convert the form data to the data model adopted by ORM. In addition, the framework support cascade properties that the same form can store data of multiple forms.

C. Validate Data Immediately

As the framework encapsulate input way of form and table, no sooner has the textfield or cell lost its focus than it induces data checkout and displays an error message dialog to users. Meanwhile, it can take user-defined display rendering to input value, which make display of data more friendly.

JGUI框架(Java GUI Framework)是基于Swing、SWT技术开发的简单框架。该框架旨在简化Java GUI的开发难度, 对界面录入到后台数据传送过程中的复杂事件处理进行封装。将界面输入的数据直接采集为数据模型对象,可与ORM技术无缝衔接。 数据校验直接绑定到domain数据模型,使之业务逻辑与界面剥离,对于将来界面技术变更提供移植扩展支持。

A. 复杂事件的封装


B. 智能的数据获取

以往的表单数据到后台传送过程中,需要大量的get、set代码,并且在此过程中,由于表单提供的是String类型,为了传输后台正确类型的数据, 还可能因为开发人员的编码失误导致类型转换异常。而采用JGUI框架后,这个过程将无需开发人员人工干预,框架自动将表单数据转换为ORM技术所需要的正确的数据模型。 另外,框架支持对象的级联属性,对同一表单存放多张表数据的情况提供支持。

C. 细粒度的数据即时校验


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