Perspective Plan

       The framework will completely implement XUL technology and support XML interface. also, Graphical User Interfaces are described in XML documents that are parsed at runtime and rendered into objects of Swing, SWT and Web, Finally thorough integration and perfect switch of Java GUI technology will come ture. Thus it is necessary for us to do more to achieve the goal, hoping that all developers who get down to promoting the development of Java GUI technology join our team. At the same time, we are looking forward to selfless donator, to support our project, as well as the development of Java technology.


       框架最终将要完整实现XUL技术,支持XML展现界面,框架能够自动将XML文件解析为用户所需要的Swing、SWT、Web图形界面,实现Java GUI技术的彻底整合,完美切换。要达到这目标,还有很漫长的路要走,希望所有愿意为推动Java GUI技术发展的开发者加入我们的团队。同时,我们也将期待所有关心该项目的人能够给予无私的赞助,支持我们的项目,支持Java技术的发展。

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